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Audi automobiles require scheduled maintenance work and sometimes need to be repaired. In many instances the decision to do preventative maintenance service can prove to be less expensive than the cost of Audi repairs for the many inevitable mechanical failures. We can complete any AUDI maintenance or AUDI repair service that you require.

Routine AUDI Maintenance

Routine maintenance can be of a proactive nature; however it usually includes taking care of replacing minor items that have failed. Most routine maintenance work is relatively inexpensive and can be done without a shop needing to keep your car for several days. Although routine AUDI maintenance items may seem trivial it is important to pay attention to the needs of your vehicle. A good AUDI repair shop will use only the fluids or parts that are recommended for your AUDI model vehicle. Additionally the AUDI repair shop understands the proper procedures for routine maintenance tasks. Having an AUDI repair shop that follows AUDI maintenance guidelines and AUDI dealership maintenance procedures is your assurance of getting the highest level of AUDI car care.

If you have owned a car for any time at all you are familiar with the common routine maintenance items. Routine maintenance work includes items that you do fairly often. The most common routine maintenance services are:

AUDI Brake Jobs

AUDI brake repair is perhaps one of the most important services that you can have done to your vehicle. Car brake systems are fairly complex due to added safety features such as ABS sensors and brake pad wear sensors. Unlike car brakes of years past AUDI owners have options in standard OEM brake parts and high performance brake parts. A basic brake job can be done with ceramic brake pads, a new wear sensor, bleeding brakes and visual inspection of brake components. A major AUDI brake job will entail replacing pads, wear sensors, rotors which can be solid, drilled or slotted, and sometimes replacing or rebuilding brake calipers.

AUDI Oil and Filter Changes

Oil changes are extremely important for protecting vital internal engine parts and getting the most years from your cars engine. Proper lubrication of your engine assures optimal engine operating temperatures, minimal wear on internal parts and substantially reduces the chances for premature engine failure. Cars that are properly maintained, especially with frequent oil changes, quite commonly run for over 350,000 miles. A AUDI passenger vehicle or SAV oil change requires synthetic motor oils such as Mobil1, Castrol Syntec European Formula, Pennzoil Platinum European Formula Ultra and Valvoline SynPower. The weather conditions in your area will drive your choices for the best SAE grade for your vehicle. You should consult a AUDI repair shop for your specific oil change needs.

AUDI Coolant Flush and Fill Services

Maintaining your AUDI cooling system is unbelievably important. A cooling system failure can lead to warped heads or a total engine seizure which is thousands of dollars to repair. A routine cooling system service is to flush and fill your radiator with genuine AUDI engine coolant. As part of the coolant service your AUDI repair shop will inspect your radiator, radiator hoses, heater hoses, expansion tank reservoir and cap for signs of any problems.

Minor Routine AUDI Repairs

A car owner will periodically need to address minor parts that have failed or worn beyond their useful life. Common routine repairs include safety related work such as replacing wiper blades or burned out light bulbs for headlights, brake lights, tail lights and turn signals. Some items are more convenience or comfort related such as replacing cabin air filters, charging air conditioning systems and cleaning leather seats and carpet. It’s highly recommended to be proactive in changing drive belts and radiator hoses that often fail under normal driving conditions.

Preventative Scheduled Maintenance

Your AUDI owners manual includes the preventative and scheduled maintenance services needed for your particular model. While many of the items listed seem insignificant they are recommended for your safety and to protect the investment you have made in your AUDI. A new AUDI typically has routine maintenance covered during the AUDI New Vehicle Limited Warranty period. For other owners the recommended service work is out of pocket but a smart move if you value your AUDI. AUDI scheduled services have three classifications which are oil/safety service, inspection level I and inspection level II. Service intervals will vary depending on your year, model and the type of service required.

For most any AUDI with a little age you need to consider replacing fuel filter, engine drive belts, timing belt, tensioner pulley and front cam seal. Other scheduled services include valve adjustments, changing differential fluid, changing transmission fluid, and general safety checks. As with any AUDI you need to stay on top of cooling system overhauls to replace your radiator, upper and lower radiator hoses, expansion tank, thermostat housing, bleeder screw, coolant level sending unit, coolant temperature sensor, thermostat and gasket, water pump and gasket, and always use a high quality coolant.

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